What is the longest sleep ever?

1. How Many Hours Did the Longest Sleep Last? The longest recorded sleep lasted for a whopping 264 hours – that’s 11 days! This record was set by a 17-year-old Californian teenager called Randy Gardner back in 1964. He was doing this as part of a science fair project and was monitored closely by doctors … Read more

Do sharks ever sleep?

1. How do Sharks Sleep without Drowning? Sharks are unique among fish in that they’re able to remain awake and swim without sinking. This amazing ability comes from the fact that they have a natural buoyancy that helps them stay afloat in the water. But how do they sleep without drowning? The answer lies in … Read more

What is the shortest sleep ever?

1. How Long Was the Shortest Recorded Sleep Session? The shortest recorded sleep session is a mere two minutes! This was documented by a 17-year-old student in 1964. The student, dubbed “Mr. S”, was being studied by a team of researchers. He had a sleep disorder that caused him to fall asleep spontaneously and unexpectedly. … Read more