Why do I feel so old and tired?

4. How Can I Ensure I Get Enough Rest and Relaxation to Combat Tiredness? Getting enough rest and relaxation is key to combating tiredness. To ensure you’re getting the rest and relaxation you need, start by making sure you’re getting enough quality sleep. Aim for seven to nine hours per night, and make sure to … Read more

Why do dreams feel so real?

1. What Biological Processes Cause Dreams to Feel So Real? Dreams can feel incredibly real, with vivid imagery, emotions and stories that stay with us long after we wake up. But what causes this extraordinary phenomenon? It turns out that biological processes are to thank for the life-like quality of dreams. The most important biological … Read more

Can you feel pain in dreams?

1. What is the psychological explanation behind feeling pain in dreams? Dreams are a fascinating phenomenon that has puzzled and intrigued us for centuries. In recent years, scientific research has provided us with a better understanding of why we dream and what happens during dream states. One of the most interesting aspects of dreaming is … Read more