What not to eat late at night?

2. What are the Best Alternatives to Eating Late at Night? Eating late at night can often lead to health problems, including weight gain, indigestion, and difficulty sleeping. But when hunger strikes after the sun goes down, there are plenty of healthier alternatives that won’t wreak havoc on your body. First, opt for a light … Read more

Is 4 30 too late for a nap?

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Are late sleepers smart?

1. What scientific research has been done to determine if late sleepers are smarter? Research has long suggested that late sleepers are smarter than their early-rising counterparts. Late sleepers tend to have higher IQs, better problem-solving skills, and higher levels of creativity. A study from the University of Madrid found that people who go to … Read more

What happens if you eat too late?

1. What are the dangers of eating late at night? Eating late at night can be a dangerous habit, especially if done on a regular basis. Late night munching can cause a variety of health issues, such as weight gain, digestive problems, and even sleep disturbances. Weight gain is one of the most common side … Read more

How late is too late to nap?

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