How much sleep do you need by age?

1. What Are the Recommended Sleep Habits by Age? Sleep is essential for our physical and mental health, and no two people require the same amount of sleep. The amount of sleep each person needs changes throughout their lifetime, so it’s important to know the recommended sleep habits by age. For babies and toddlers, a … Read more

How much sleep does a 70 year old need?

1. What are the consequences of inadequate sleep in elderly people? Sleep deprivation can be particularly damaging to elderly people as it can lead to an increased risk of chronic health issues, depression, and cognitive decline. Inadequate sleep can also cause a decrease in physical activity, which can further add to the risk of developing … Read more

Why do we need to sleep by 11pm?

1. What are the Benefits of Going to Bed Before 11pm? Going to bed before 11pm has some major benefits that many people overlook. One of the most important benefits is that it helps improve your quality of sleep. Going to bed early allows your body to get the rest it needs to function optimally … Read more

Why do older people need naps?

1. What Are the Health Benefits of Naps for Older Adults? As we age, our bodies naturally require more rest and less activity. Taking naps can be a great way to get the rest we need and to improve our overall health. For older adults, napping can provide a number of health benefits, from reducing … Read more